Testimonials From Our Surveys

"I really want the teachers to know how much I appreciate the way they pay attention to the kids and care for each one."

"I love the way Playtime Learning Academy teachers teach! My child has learned so much here."

"The teachers always engage in active learning activities with the kids. My child is never bored."

"The fun and loving environment they create means so much to our family."

"I appreciate the patience and understanding of the teachers and how they keep a sense of humor. You have been fantastic for my child and see her grow everyday thanks to your school!"

"Playtime Learning Academy provides structure for my son daily. I love that they teacher manners and help him socially... they rock! I love this school!"

"I want my teachers to know how much I appreciate that they communicate so well with us."

"My child's classroom is beautiful, full of artwork and always spotless. I also appreciate the consistency with discipline. My daughter's sassiness has definitely improved!"

"I love the school's monthly emails regarding character building traits. I have seen the results of the lessons/guidance plans in my daughter's behavior. She’s been openly identifying and discussing her emotions, which is so helpful when dealing with preschool temper tantrums."

"I love everything about this school and all of the play time staff!"

"My child's classroom is very organized and the daily structure is consistent. The teachers are so personable and I love that when I pick up, they always share details of the day."

"My children are so happy. Everyone here is very accommodating and helpful."

"The staff at Playtime Learning Academy always makes me feel important and keeps me up to date with information from the day."

"They take the time to get to know the kids very well and I like that. I like everyone I have met here."

"My son's basketball jump shot has really improved. It has to be his teacher."

"My daughter's teachers are always kind and loving with her. I have no worries when I drop my daughter off and I have a stress free day knowing my daughter is in good hands and will be cared for."

"They care so much for my children and they always have nice things to say about them."

"My child has grown up here and she still looks forward to coming to school every day."

"I really appreciate how well the teachers communicate with me about my son's progress. I am very pleased with his progress."

"The teachers structure their activities very well here."

"There are a lot of teachers at this school and they all seem very happy. I like that everyone is always smiling. It makes me feel good about where my children spend their day."

"This is just a really good day care and school. There aren't many places that are this good."

"My children seem very happy here and the staff is very accommodating and helpful to parents."

"The communication here is great. We love how Playtime Learning Academy has just become an extension of our family."




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